I made it, though a bit late

Well, I made it to work on the bus. I am happy about this, as I feel like I know somewhat how to negotiate the system. I’ve been delayed quite a bit since my first attempt a couple of weeks ago. My neck and arm injury were too sensitive to even consider trying to learn how to ride the bus to work. I’m feeling a bit better now.

The experience on the bus was fine, except that I had left my schedules at work and guessed, which meant I watched my second (transfer) bus drive away as I got off the first one. I waited an hour in the rain for another one. That was a bummer. Live and learn.

With schedules in hand, I should do much better going home. Hopefully the rain will have tapered off by then.



I’ve been off work since last Tuesday. The official diagnosis: Cervical Disk Disease, which means I have problems with the disks in my neck. I was off those days to see if the problems would heal up — pain in neck and arm, numb fingers, weak fingers. My right hand, too. This makes typing and everything a problem. More tests to come in the next week or so.