Ohio Roller Girls

Last night I attended the Ohio Roller Girls championship at the Lausche building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Wow that was a blast! I’d post a picture, but I can’t get to any related sites because of the Library’s content filter. GRRR I really need a laptop or computer of my own.

Anyway, Roller Derby is not exactly the crazy spectacle I remember from 1970s television. But, it’s close. It’s a delicious blend of sport and show. Last night was the championship to place the first four teams. The first match, between the Band of Brawlers and the Sprockettes was great! I rooted for the Band of Brawlers and they won! Our favorite was, by far, the Jammer called Dirty Girl. Yes, they all have names like that. The championship was between the Black Eye Bullies and the Takeouts. It was a bit rougher than the first match, with lots of spills and bruises.

This is not a sport for those opposed to violence, though I’d say the violence is no worse than football — with less protective gear and more fishnet stockings! These women are tough, no doubt. To stay upright while being tackled and blocked from all sides, all on wheels, is pretty amazing. I highly recommend a trip to a Roller Girls game — though you’ll have to wait until Fall for their season to start again.

Oh yeah, I saw Ken and Elise ¬†there — both former attendees of the Columbus Social Media Cafe. It was fun to watch Ken have a Roller girl land in his lap. Hey, he got a free t-shirt for that! I linked Ken’s and Elise’s¬†Flickr sites, because I’m sure they’ll be posting some great pics from the event.



That’s how old I am in a week. Yeesh.

Funny ads are coming from Pepsi during the Superbowl. I watch it solely for the advertisements, and really enjoy them. Pepsi Ads

Walker shared his rebuttal to reasons Oktoberfest won’t go to Schiller Park. He makes great points. However, maybe it’s just this simple: German Village residents would rather raise money elsewhere and not dirty up the sidewalks, much like most people want prisons, but not in their own backyards. Not that Oktoberfest is like prison, but it is definitely an invitation to crime, property damage, etc. for a weekend.