My sister, Books, and WorldCat

My sister and I have a constant flow of books. Suggestions, traded copies, etc. So, I’m on the phone with her yesterday and she says, “I’m going on vacation in a couple of weeks so I need to get some books.”

“I’ve been reading a ton of books since I started riding the bus,” I say. I give her some suggestions. But, I’m shocked at how quickly I’ve forgotten good ones I’ve read.

I wanted to give Marianne more information via email, so I today I look up the book suggestion lists that I have automatically sent to me by the Grandview Library.

Here’s my (old) system: I read the e-newsletters, then open another tab for the Columbus Metropolitan Library and reserve the books I want. Then, when my books come in, I get an email from the Columbus Metropolitan Library and I go pick them up. This keeps me in a pretty steady flow of books.

Anyway, back to my sister. I wanted to browse old Grandview Library book newsletters to jog my memory about good ones I’ve read. Then, I remembered WorldCat — which I sort of knew about, but was told about by my friends at OCLC. I decided to check it out.

WorldCat is the ultimate tool for book lovers and library consumers like me. Within minutes, I had registered and created lists of books. One List was Recommendations for Marianne. I typed in a title, clicked “save to list” and created a list for her to browse, where she could read about the book, see if it’s in her local library, and even click on the library and reserve it right there. I also made a list of books I have on reserve, which I’ll shift to other lists once I read them.

Marianne can click on my lists, read my recommendations and the books I’m interested in and haven’t read yet. I keep a running record of books I like. And, from now on, when I read my book suggestions I can just go to WorldCat, look up the book, click into the Columbus Metropolitan Library and reserve it, then save it to my list of reserved books.

Man, I’m a book nerd.