Outside the room

It happened again. I feOutside looking in on the Columbus Social Media Cafelt like I was standing outside the room looking in. At the Columbus Social Media Cafe last night, during introductions, I felt a familiar inferiority to other bloggers. I want to say I’m a blogger. But as it comes around the room, I find myself waffling, wondering … do I mention my blog? No one reads it. (except Andrew) Well, some people read it. I don’t really know who they are. Regardless, I feel this sense of “I’m not good enough” when I talk about my blog.

I believe the problem is that my blog has no real focus. I understand that it doesn’t have to. But, I want it to function as more than an online journal. I am a writer by trade, with a real journalism degree and everything. Yet, I don’t want to function as a professional blog, as an outlet for a certain topic only.

So, I’ve decided to craft a description of the blog that gives it a clear purpose and defines what I’m about.

First, what are the topics I like to write about, in no particular order?

1. Columbus, OH and what it’s like to live here, from the viewpoint of a small-town girl who moved here only two years ago. I have written, for example, about the COTA Challenge

2. Social issues and problems, on all geographic levels, with particular attention to poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, and education/children. These posts are examples.

3. Politics, but not on an expert level. So far I’ve done this.

4. Social media — I hesitate here, because I am interested in the topic, but would rather be someone who uses social media effectively, rather than talks about it. I do plan, however, to share more about the online tools I use, such as I did in these posts.

5. Fundraising and nonprofits — this is what I do for a living and I sometimes have opinions and information to share about this.

My next challenge is to craft a short description. Coming soon…