Exercise: Day 2

All 12 floors climbed today, which killed my already aching legs! I know this exercise thing gets better with time. Meanwhile, Dee and I are keeping at it.

We are trying to figure out how much good this will do us. My research of the internet shows that we can burn various numbers of calories by climbing stairs. I think the most scientific approach is at this site. According to How Stuff Works, it’s a matter of horsepower.

We counted the steps today: 237. Tomorrow we begin accurately timing ourselves so that we can get a calorie count. Either way, I can definitely FEEL it working.


10th … Actually 12th Floor Challenge

I don’t exercise. I’m out of shape, lazy, and overweight.

I will, however, exercise if I have a buddy to do it with me. That’s why I’m excited that Dee, who works in my building, and I are going to start the 10th Floor Challenge today. The Fawcett Center has 10 floors in its tower. Our challenge is to work up to climbing the stairs all the way from the basement to the 10th floor every day. (One of my coworkers does this twice a day. Show off.) Anyway, we start today, our mission to climb as many floors as we can until we’re winded.

This is all part of my money saving efforts, too. With OSU health plans, there is an incentive program in which you get points for various health activities, such as regular physicals, eye doctor, dentist, health workshops, and, of course, exercise. To get points each month, you have to have at least 12 exercise sessions.

I’m keeping my log here, so I’ll update this post after we’re done later this morning. 10th floor, here I come! (Well, not really, but soon.)

UPDATE: Okay, so there are 12 floors not 10. I’m renaming this the 12th Floor Challenge! Dee and I just finished. We actually did all 12 floors, but very slowly. I still had a racing heart and was breaking a sweat halfway through! Yay!

Oh yeah, I also wanted to clarify the health/fitness points thing. Each point is a dollar and I can earn a max of $125 for the year. They give it to me in my paycheck and I can earn it at four different times during the year, depending on when I reach my points limit.