Outside the room

It happened again. I feOutside looking in on the Columbus Social Media Cafelt like I was standing outside the room looking in. At the Columbus Social Media Cafe last night, during introductions, I felt a familiar inferiority to other bloggers. I want to say I’m a blogger. But as it comes around the room, I find myself waffling, wondering … do I mention my blog? No one reads it. (except Andrew) Well, some people read it. I don’t really know who they are. Regardless, I feel this sense of “I’m not good enough” when I talk about my blog.

I believe the problem is that my blog has no real focus. I understand that it doesn’t have to. But, I want it to function as more than an online journal. I am a writer by trade, with a real journalism degree and everything. Yet, I don’t want to function as a professional blog, as an outlet for a certain topic only.

So, I’ve decided to craft a description of the blog that gives it a clear purpose and defines what I’m about.

First, what are the topics I like to write about, in no particular order?

1. Columbus, OH and what it’s like to live here, from the viewpoint of a small-town girl who moved here only two years ago. I have written, for example, about the COTA Challenge

2. Social issues and problems, on all geographic levels, with particular attention to poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, and education/children. These posts are examples.

3. Politics, but not on an expert level. So far I’ve done this.

4. Social media — I hesitate here, because I am interested in the topic, but would rather be someone who uses social media effectively, rather than talks about it. I do plan, however, to share more about the online tools I use, such as I did in these posts.

5. Fundraising and nonprofits — this is what I do for a living and I sometimes have opinions and information to share about this.

My next challenge is to craft a short description. Coming soon…



  1. andrew said,

    June 26, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Well I quite enjoy your blog and, your personal feelings excluded, think you couldn’t be much more of an insider in this deal unless you physically climbed into someone elses skin. You really are an integral part of this whole SMC thing and I’m so honored to have the opportunity to work with you on it.

  2. zanne614 said,

    June 26, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Aww shucks.

  3. Mary Wehrle said,

    July 24, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I’m right there with you on that whole do I mention my blog thing. I usually do after taking a deep breath. I find that I just have to put my insecurities in the closet and jam a chair under the door knob sometimes. Nobody is ever going to read my blog if I don’t tell people I have one.

    Obviously, I am reading yours. It helps to get to know everyone better. I hope at the next meeting, I will hear you mention it.

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