Stealing from a Soup Kitchen

I know several people who have gotten a meal at the Holy Family soup kitchen. I was devastated to hear about the theft of compressor coils which effectively shut the soup kitchen down and ruined $90,000 worth of food. As soon as they have new refrigeration, I plan to take them what I can to help them restock. I challenge you to do the same.

Franklinton is an area near to my heart. I’m not sure why, maybe because I drive through there often. It’s just down the hill from where I live in Grandview, but it’s a completely different atmosphere. I have blogged before about the problems facing Franklinton. What I know is this: theft of metal is almost always the act of those desperate for money to get drugs. It’s an easy way to turn around a quick buck and get what you need. And let me emphasize: Drug addicts need drugs. They are desperate, aching and sick without them. Until they are ready to find recovery and stop using, they truly need drugs to survive. I am not angry at those who stole metal from the church and thus took food out of the mouths of their neighbors. I feel great sadness at the horrifying desperation that could lead someone to steal from the hand that most likely feeds them.

What upsets me is the glaring set of problems which have led Franklinton and many neighborhoods like it to the state of being yoked by addiction — not just individuals, but whole neighborhoods. Problems such as poverty, generational victimization by social stratification, lack of mental health care parity, low educational achievement, unbalanced governmental priorities. These are the core problems which make drugs and alcohol a coping tool, which leads to addiction.

I am not sure I have answers. However, I believe in the philosophy of each person making a difference, the starfish metaphor of being able to help just one having tremendous effect. I will write more as I formulate my plan for making a difference — and challenging you.

By the way — I was in the Franklinton branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library recently. I was disturbed that I could not find any fiction or literature. Perhaps I missed it, and I didn’t take time to ask a librarian, but from my survey of the branch, it was more of a homework help center and an A/V repository. I wonder what could be done to encourage adults and children in Franklinton to read literature, but first they have to have access to the materials.


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  1. witchybitch said,

    July 17, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    This really sucks.

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