COTA Challenge

This month, the COTA challenge takes off in full force in our household. Both Grey and I will be taking the bus to and from work as much as possible. We will buy only one monthly pass right now, because his schedule may not warrant using one at this point. Today he is having a second key made for my car and I’m picking up the monthly pass tonight. Then, we’re off on our plan:

1. Grey usually works a shorter shift than I do, during the day. So, he will take me to bus stop in the morning (.5 mile) and I will ride to work. When it’s time for him to go to work, he will park the car at Giant Eagle and ride to work. His ride is significantly shorter than mine — he takes the 5 east to High Street and then walks a few block up to the restaurant, where he works, in the South Campus Gateway. I, however, transfer to a second bus. It takes me about an hour. At night, he will go home on the bus and take the car home until time to meet me at the bus stop. If he gets off work at a time close to mine, he’ll hang out and wait for me at Giant Eagle. (he smokes. It’s all good.)

2. When Grey works nights (like tonight, for Cinco de Mayo), he will take me to bus stop in the morning, then park at Giant Eagle when he goes to work. I’ll pick up the car when I go home, and then drive to pick him up at work when he gets off. The bus usually isn’t running by the time he gets off work at night.

3. I will use the monthly bus pass, since I’ll be riding to work nearly every day. He will pay out of pocket this month, until we see how his usage averages out.

4. I also plan to work some grocery shopping and other errands into my trips home. I might possibly get myself up an hour early, too, so that I could do some shopping in the morning, when the grocery is less crowded.

5. I am now transferring at Broad and High. Not as scary as I thought it would be.

6. I have already caught up on half the trade magazines and newsletters that have been piled on my desk. They’ll be all gone by the end of this week. I also read an entire novel last week during the work week.


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