The Bus was a Bust

How does a woman with a master’s degree have so much problem understanding how to ride the bus???

I missed the bus today. I saw it, I even could have waved at it, had I not been holding an umbrella and two bags. *sigh* But I missed it.

I left home late because of my continuing neck and shoulder problem which is currently causing constant pain and numbness in my arm. Anyway, I didn’t look carefully enough at the bus schedule, which clearly shows that I have to catch the bus one stop away, unless I am there for one of the early rides. It was pouring rain in a semi-horizontal way. But I was determined to ride the bus. I was crushed when I watched it pull out of the apartment complex a half-block away and drive away from me. I went into a building, which had no pay phone, and called my boyfriend from a waiting room full of people. Thank you to the nice lady at the RSC.
Tomorrow is another day. I will ride the bus in the morning. I am not giving up.

Thank goodness, by the way, for Andrew and Jeff, whose words of encouragement rang in my head. I believe them when they say that I will get the hang of this.


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